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    grid tie system,

    grid tie system,

    Solar Grid tie System Configuration:

    Home 1KW solar grid tie system

    250Wp modules*4 + solar bracket + 1KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 2KW solar grid tie system

    250Wp modules*8 + solar bracket + 2KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 3KW solar grid tie system

    250Wp modules*12 + solar bracket + 3KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 5KW solar grid tie system

    250Wp modules*20 + solar bracket + 5KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 6KW solar grid tie system

    300Wp modules*20 + solar bracket + 6KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 8KW solar grid tie system

    405Wp modules*20 + solar bracket + 8KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 10KW solar grid tie system

    250Wp modules*40 + solar bracket + 10KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 15KW solar grid tie system

    300Wp modules*50 + solar bracket + 15KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Home 20KW solar grid tie system

    405Wp modules*50 + solar bracket + 20KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    30kw solar grid on system

    300Wp modules*100 + solar bracket + 30KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    50kw solar grid on system

    250Wp modules*200 + solar bracket + 50KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

    Click Here for Details

    80kw solar grid on system

    400Wp modules*200 + solar bracket + 80KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

    Click Here for Details

    100kw solar grid on system

    400Wp modules*250 + solar bracket + 100KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    200kw solar grid on system

    400Wp modules*500 + solar bracket + 200KW grid tied inverter + solar kits

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    Reasons Why Solar Energy Is One of The World’s Hottest Industries
    The sun is finally shining on the solar industry. After years of being eclipsed by other renewable energy sources, solar has become hot.The renewable energy source is enjoying a business.generation costs have declined and investments have multiplied in the solar sector. The result has been an increase in solar energy. The enthusiasm around solar is not restricted to a specific region, geography, or country. For example, solar energy is one of the few areas in which the Tea Party and liberals are willing to cooperate. So, what is the reason behind solar energy’s popularity? Here are three reasons:

    1. Solar offers better return
    One of the famous investigating study found that installation in solar pane systems beats investment in a stock market investment fund.The study, which was funded by the Department of Energy, also found that energy generated from solar panels is cheaper than buying energy from local utilities in 42 of 50 cities in America.The reasons for this are not hard to fathom. Although they require considerable upfront capital as compared to conventional energy installations, solar panels have a payback system that enables consumers to rid themselves of energy utilities completely in the course of time.From an economic and profitability standpoint, solar offers better returns than conventional electric companies. To use investing language, solar is a growth opportunity.

    2. The cost of solar energy has declined
    From a consumer standpoint, the main hindrance to greater solar adoption is related to costs. Conventional electric companies are vertically integrated. This means that they own elements of the electricity generation process and, consequently, pass on those costs to consumers. In some cases,they also pass on litigation costs to consumers. As a result, electric bills have trended upward.The reductions have been made possible by declines in cost of manufacturing hardware of solar PV system. With development of new technology and greater customer traction, the price of making solar panels is expected to go down further in the World.

    3. Solar is good for the economy
    Growth of the solar industry has been good for the World's economy. According to a report from Solar Foundation, the solar industry added workers almost 20 times faster than the overall World's economy.

    Product Description
    Solar Tied-grid power system consists of solar panels, a system controller and inverter. Solar panel will produce DC(Direct Current) electricity, and this electricity will be run though the converter and inverter to produce AC(Alternating Current) electricity. Then this energy is run into AC power panel back to the utility companies power grid. As on-grid solar power system enjoys the advantages of battery-free and low cost, this can make the system operation life longer. It also can remote monitoring during the operating. It has been become the main stream in solar power generation. The system brings benefits of pollution reduction, energy conservation and environment protection, all of which make remarkable social values. 

    Grid-connected PV system

    Grid Connected PV system design has the following components:
    1. PV Array or Generator: A number of PV panels connected in series and/or in parallel giving a DC output out of the incident irradiance. Orientation and tilt of these panels are important design parameters, as well as shading from surrounding obstructions.
    2. Inverter: A power converter that inverts the DC power from the panels into AC power. The characteristics of the output signal should match thevoltage, frequency and power quality limits in the supply network.
    3. Loads: Stands for the network connected appliances in the building that are fed from the inverter, or, alternatively, from the grid.
    4. Meters: They account for the energy being drawn from or fed into then local supply network.
    5. Local Supply Network: A single or three-phase network managed by a Public Electricity Supplier. The supply network acts both as a sink for energy surplus in the building or as a backup for low local generation periods.


    For solar grid on system, we can design and make system solution for you:

    1kw solar grid tie system,2kw solar grid tie system,3kw solar grid tie system,4kw solar grid tie system,5kw solar grid tie system,6kw solar grid tie system,7kw solar grid connected system, 8kw solar grid on system,9kw solar grid tie system,10kw solar grid on system,12kw solar grid on system,15kw solar grid on system, 20kw solar grid tie system,25kw solar grid tie system,30kw solar grid tied system,50kw solar grid on system,100kw solar grid on system,150kw solar grid tie system,200kw solar grid on system,250kw solar grid tie system,300kw solar grid tie system,500kw solar grid connected system.

    About solar power system equipment:



    This solar power system solution is just for reference. It can be adjusted based on actual condition and requirement. All parts have been tested and proven in actual operation with enough reliability and stability. It ¡s suggested to source whole system as a package from us to guarantee the system compatibility.

    The specification of 250W Poly solar modules


    1. Living house and home building

    2. Office building, factory and warehouse

    3. Shopping mall, venue, stadium and so on

    Terms and conditions:

    3. Package: Export standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.
    4. Delivery: Goods to be ready within 10~30 days depending on order quantity. 
    5. Certification: CE, ROHS




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