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    mppt solar controller,

    mppt solar controller,

    Product Introduction


    Regarding MPPT

     MPPT means Maximum Power Point Tracking , MPPT controller can sense the generated voltage of solar panels real-timely as well as track the Max voltage and current values (VI) to make the system charge the batteries with the highest efficiency always . It is applied for solar power energy system to adjust the work of solar cells , battery bank and loads , it is one of the key parts of the whole solar power system .  


    • • High power LEDs
    • • Household DC appliances
    • • Monitoring power supply
    • • Photovoltaic charging
    • • Uninterruptible power supply for photovoltaic lithium battery bank 


    topology diagram     


    Performance Feature:

    1. MPPT charge function,maximizePV charge efficiency30% more than PWM method
    2. Enable to charge Li-thium, Gel, Lead-acid battery
    3. LCD display, easy to operate on LCD screen
    4. Protection: PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Battery reverse Polarity, Over charging, output short circuit
    5. Multi stage charging(3-stage charging, parallel charging and equalized charging function)
    6. Optional RS485/RS232 port easy to remote control,With RS485 & USB communication port
    7. BTS-battery remote temperature sensor terminal


    MPPT solar charger controller
    PC1800A series (60A/80A)





    MPPT solar charger controller
    PC1800A series (60A/80A/100A)



    • 12V/24V/48V system voltage auto identify
    • MPPT charging efficiency more than 99.5%
    • Support RS485 communication interface, more intelligent.(Optional)
    • Strong data storage, storage time can be up to 10 years.
    • Synchronous rectification technology, ensure higher conversion efficiency under small power charging condition
    • Dual peaks and multi-peak tracking technology
    • Japan imported power kits with better performance and more durable
    • Common cathode circuit design makes the system more stable and reliable
    • Support for parallel connection, 99 sets max


    MPPT solar charger controller
    PC1600A series (20A/30A/40A)


    Note: MPPT 48VDC- 240VDC 50A-100A solar charger controller can be made as per your requirement!


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