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    About Us-

    Senwei energy set up in 2008, is one of the leading manufacturer of solar wind hybrid power generation system in China. Senwei manufactured wind solar hybrid system and small wind turbine 300Wp to 50kwp before,but now since bigger market demands on solar and solar series,we are openning the Solar Department for PV solar powering system and solar wind hybrid system for home,prefer to bring clean energy products to user and to ours world, all products that we supply are environmental-protection products! Current world's climate is warming day by day,sea level gradually rising, extreme weather frequently happening, our life environment already in thread, we need to pay attention to this unusual climate and to make chances for our living way with using non-pollution, harmless Green products!Senwei is your good choice and you can put our products in your considering! Change World, Start Now!




    Produce lines cover hybrid solar wind power generation system,wind solar hybrid system for home,wind solar hybrid system,solar wind hybrid system,household wind and solar hybrid system,wind solar hybrid system,we also supply solar wind combination system as well as wind grid tie inverter mppt with low voltage start for wind grid connected system!

    We encourage the use of Senwei solar wind hybrid powering system for its cleanly, environment protection, and economy energy sources. And our aim is to develop advanced solar panel kits powering system with high scientific and technologic lever but with competitive cost. 


    We carry out seriously ISO9001 and IEC61400 standards to give customer security and stably, and all solar panel kits have the SAA/CE/Rohs/TUV/PV cycle certified for the Worldwide market and especially gain CSA/UL certified for North America market. Welcome you sincerely to inquiry us all solar panels kits and all solar relevant electronic products for price and sales.


    Contact us


    SENWEY ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD                               

    Asia (China) Office:

    10th ZhanBei Road,Ping Ta Industrial Estate WenZhou City,ZheJiang Province Of China


    Line 1: 0086-577 6820 6018       Line 2: 0086-188 0677 6641


    0086-188 0677 6641

    Contact Person:

    Mr. Jacky.ZHENG (Foreign-Trade Department Manager)





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