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    wind grid on controller 1kw~10KW,

    wind grid on controller 1kw~10KW,

    wind grid on controller 1kW~10kW

    The wind turbine system controller CTC-series 1kW~10kW developed by Senwei Energy. This device is used for grid-connected operation of small wind turbines (WT). 


                Fig. 1: Principle block diagram of CTC controller between small wind turbine and grid


                              Fig. 2: Principle block diagram of CTC-series controller


    ****The CTC series 1kw to 10kw accommodates the components rectifier, dump load and protection in a compact housing****


    **CTC-series 1kw-10kw three main functions are as following**:

    1) With 3-phase rectifier, it rectifies the AC voltage of the WT into DC voltage for the inverter.

    2) In the event of a mains power failure or when the WT generates more energy than the inverter can feed to the grid, the excess energy is supplied to an externally connected dump load. 

    3) In the event of an emergency or maintenance, a manual brake can be switched on to make a short circuit of the turbine output voltage. Thus the turbine will stop to protect the overall system.


                        Connection of CTC to small wind turbine, inverter and public grid

    The CTC-series wind grid on controller  is configured using the operating software control. The display integrated in the front panel of the device displays the different measured variables. Thus you can check the performance of the small wind turbine. The data logger stores the values for later use. The operating mode of the device is indicated by the LED status display. 

     *Technical Data*

    *Electrical Connection*

                                               CTC internal connectors


    Ø Input three phase AC connection

    A Disconnect the breaker so as to ensure input AC ports without electricity.

    B Three phase AC output wires from turbines connect to three phase input ports.

    C Please ensure connecting wires to be stable.


    Ø Output DC connection

    A Disconnect the breaker so as to ensure output DC ports without electricity. 

    B DC outputs connect to any 2 of the 3 input-ports of inverter.

    C Please ensure connecting wires to be stable.


    Ø Communication connection

    This function module is optional.

    CTC has not this module initial.

    *LED Status Display*


                              Fig. 10: LEDs on the housing


    Ø When DC input voltage gets 120 V, CTC-3K is ready to dump load, and the POWER-red LED turns on.

    Ø When DC input voltage gets the set voltage, CTC-will starts to dump load the excess voltage from the turbine, and the BRAKE-green LED turns on.

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